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For My Sweetheart, a diy Valentine's Pillowbox


For Valentine's Day, the best way to a man's heart is to over-extend his waistline. Lavish that tummy with chocolates, macarons and champagne (or perhaps beer) and he'll be all yours. The only dilema is to know when to stop your honey bun's waist developing into a muffin top

Whip-Up blog has asked me to develop a diy Valentines project; a sweetheart pillow box to download and print. Package little organic Chocolate Hearts from Lindsay & Edmunds Handmade Organic Chocolates or Berry Macarons from Cupcakes on Pitt with a glass of Champagne and a side of Michael Buble. Buble, did I really say that? Too smulchy? Probably, but you get the picture (Guess who we're off to see on Valentine's Day? He sings, he's Canadian, he suits-up and does a mean version of 'Mack the Knife')

How-to instructions below. Download Valentines Day Pillowbox

Valentines Day Pillowbox with champagne and flowers

Valentines Day Macarons

Printable Valentines Day Pillowbox

Tools and materials
~ Pillow box template
~ Heavy digital paper or card stock (over 250gsm)
~ Strong craft glue or double sided tape
~ Scissors or utility knife and metal ruler
~ Bone folder
~ Large protractor or small bowl

How to
1. Download and print the template. Cut-out outline with scissors or knife

2. Sore along dotted lines with bone folder and ruler. Use protractor or a small bowl for the curves on the template. Fold all scores

3. Use double-sided tape or glue on tab. Leave to dry and ahere

4. Punch hole in one end and add ribbon (optional). Tuck in ends.

© Copyright Go Make Me. This template is for personal use and may not be on-sold or reproduced commercially without written permission. Ta.

Pink Macarons and packaging for Valentines Day