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magnolia square market in Sydney this weekend


If you live in Sydney, do yourself a favour this weekend and head over to Magnolia Square markets in Paddington Hall. Described as a 'pop up' retail concept showcasing fresh, new products from designers, artists and crafts people. I've just returned home and am thoroughly impressed. My only beef, if you can call it that, is the $5 surcharge for entry and the want to see more stallholders. On the whole, it's beautifully styled and presented

1. Paper Couture   2. Attica    3. Lalaland   4. Kristina Brenke

we have a winner


Thank you so much to everyone who entered. After collecting all the names and pulling one from a hat, OK it was a sock, I'm thrilled to announce that Penny Peberday has won! Well done. I'll be in contact soon

By the way, I couldn't resist this birdie painting by Michele Maule. She's mine now and flutters above my computer

ring me

Meringue silicon rings

Diamond plastic ring


How cool are these rings?

A ring that looks exactly like meringue, who would have guessed? If I had one of these, I would continuously lick my finger, feeling unfulfilled, dejected by the un-sweet taste of silicon....only to repeat my folly until my taste buds were satiated and never truely satisfied. Even so, I still want one

Or how about a laser cut Diamond Ring? Stack up the colours to make a big statement

My absolute favourites are by Goldenink....porcelain rings in organic shapes with hand painted imagery. Love it

one serve of ants on my plate, please

Ants On My PlateThe Four Seasons Cup SetAnts On My CushionRuler Notebook

Fancy a cuppa from an ant-infested tea cup? Or sit on an ant's nest pillow? I would!

I love the simple and witty designs by Bailey Doesn't Bark on Etsy, a contemporary home and life accessories company based in New York. Their handmade products vary between ceramics, tableware, jewellery and paper goods with the same aesthetic throughout their range even if the design is a little disturbing