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Raspberry-white-chocolate-ganache Eww, peeenk, yuk!

That was my position in a previous life as a Graphic Designer in a corporate world where design was structured, masculine and beholden to a brief. A cool designer's attire was black, more black, and black with a touch of black. A uniform of sorts, you know, when you're being different by being the same. What a bland world and I'm glad I've left it all behind

So, here I am in the next century awash with colour and loving it. I have now fully embraced pink in all it's glory from the softest rose blush to deep fuschia reds. To me, it's celebratory and I think it's perfect for Christmas. Package lovely Raspberry White Chocolate Ganache chocolates (recipe to follow soon) in bamboo steamers with pretty velvet ribbons. I've designed stylish Christmas Tree gift tags with a pop-out Christmas Tree for you to use on your gifts and a wee 'Merry Christmas' banner to accompany Rosewater Lollipops (recipe to follow after the break, based on recipe from Donna Hay Magazine)

/>Download Christmas Tree tags and Merry Christmas banner a>

....of course you may not be partial to the colour, perhaps I can persuade you otherwise?


Rosewater Lollipops

1 1/3 cups caster sugar
2/3 cup glucose syrup
1 1/2 tbs rosewater
small amount of pink food colouring
1 tbs dried rose petals
15 lollipop sticks or long skewers

1} Place sugar and glucose in a medium saucepan over very gentle heat. Do not stir until all the sugar has dissolved about 15 minutes

2} Use candy thermometer and increase heat until syrup reaches 150oC and turns slightly golden colour

3} Remove from heat. Add food colouring, rose petals and rosewater. Stir to combine

4} Place a tablespoon of toffee onto lightly greased baking tray. Press in stick and repeat. Allow to harden and gently lift to realease