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November 2010

Christmas sofites now available


I know, Christmas is still some time away, but it's amazing how quickly the time flies. For all those crafty peeps (and not so crafty) my Christmas softie range is now available in the Go Make Me shop or at B&M Shop Handmade in Canberra. Printed on 100% Certified Organic Cotton, these patterns are so easy to make. Fabulous gift for a child to make their own to keep or give to their friends. I wanted to design some Baubles as a non-glass alternative to breakable baubles especially for those who have little children

Please contact me if you're interested in wholesale [email protected]

chocolate mocha ganache tarts

Chocolate Mocha raspberry tarts 3




Chocolate Mocha Ganache Tarts with a new season Raspberry on top – yum! So happy to see berries back in season and Spring weather now hot and sweaty. We're off to a function tonight and I've baked 4 dozen of these little bite sized morsels. Although I'm not sure how they'll withstand the heat, perhaps they won't last that long! See recipe after the break...

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storm in a teacup



I had to share this wonderful idea...A Storm in Teacup cupcake recipe with a yacht in full sail, choppy waves and a toothless shark along for the ride. Courtesy of Not A Rabbit Blog, the cupcake is based on crumbled chocolate cupcake, icing, chocolate boat, pretzel, marzipan and a cheerio life ring. Love the rainbow teacup cake too!