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hello Spring, I've missed you...

Craft ROBO, you sexy dog

Can a machine have sex appeal? It doesn't recipricate to longing hugs or have goose-bumps when you grab it's plug and whisper sweet nothings into its USB port. But I think it might be love, machine love. So you think I've gone around the twist? You could be right, so let me set the scene...

Today we set the talking-lady-street-directory to head towards the Paper Crafts Festival at Penrith Panthers as I'd never been before. It's mainly scrap-booking stuff that really isn't my thing. At all. I walked around the exhibitors with glazed eyes, witnessing the crafting of some very happy participants. Feeling quite numb and wished I hadn't wasted so much toll money and time getting out there (over an hour each way), I turned the corner and a shaft of light descended from the heavens onto a 30cm wide piece of plastic and steel. Ah, Craft ROBO. It allows you to die cut, score and perforate your own designs from Illustrator. I know dear readers that I have probably lost your interest at this point, but to me it's a god-send. After many years of package design, this would have been a perfect piece of equipment for the studio. Precision scoring and cutting instead of doing it all by hand. But what really appeals is the potential to die-cut my 3D cards from the Go Make Me shop in small quantities. Very exciting...well it is to me anyway. Just doing a bit more research before I lay down the cold-hard cash as it's not cheap

Do you have one or something similar? Is it love or is it a dog (not the sexy kind)?