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The winter sport season is (finally) over and not everyone wins the Grand Final trophy. My daughter's team made the Finals this weekend and unfortunately lost by 3 points even though they played magnificently. As you can imagine, there were tears and sadness. The girls were upset too....

As coach, I baked them a 'No1' cookie medal and after the match I promptly presented each girl with their edible award. I also included a little note explaining how their involvement in the team was invaluable. For some, their chins stopped wobbling and the corners of their mouth lifted slightly, others gobbled it down immediately but most wore their medals home with pride, intent on saving their award until it goes green with mold


These cookies are surprisingly easy to make. Use a simple sugar cookie recipe, a number '1' cookie cutter, a 75mm (3 inch) circular cookie cutter and ribbon. I purchased a 'Sports Ball Cookie Cutter Texture Set' from The Essential Ingredient in Sydney that included several ball 'textures' that you imprint onto Ready Made White Icing (available from Supermarkets). Alternately, you can pipe Royal Icing or Fondant (as shown below) directly onto the cookie


Follow the directions from the sugar cookie recipe. Before baking the circular base, cut out a slit large enough for your ribbon to thread through. After baking the slit may fill in slightly. Work quickly when warm to to reopen slit using the tip of a knife. Cool completely

To ice: roll out ready made icing and roughly cut an area slightly larger than the cookie base. Glue icing to cookie base by just bringing to boil 2 parts sugar to 1 part water mix and brush onto back of icing. Stick icing onto cookie. Use circular cutter and trim edge. Cut out slit by initially working from back and then clean up edges on the front. Colour some spare icing and cut and glue on the number one. Thread through desired ribbon and sew ends together