cute little ghosties
too many Tulips, never! A visit to Floriade in Canberra...

little ghosties pillow box: free printable


As promised, here's the Little Ghosties pillow box template to download
For more printables, visit my on line shop Go Make Me on Etsy. For how-to steps click link below


How-to construct your Little Ghosties Pillow Box template

1} You'll need a metal ruler, cutting mat, knife, something to score paper (ie bone folder, used ball point pen, wooden skewer), scissors, double-sided tape, small bowl or large protracter and Pillow Box print out on heavy paper

2} Score all dotted curved and straight lines

3} Trim out outer edge with knife and ruler. Cut curves with scissors and/or knife

4} Fold along scores

5} Apply double-sided tape to flap. Adhere flap to other side of pillow box

6} Form box