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Donnah-Hay-window A day off! And what do you do....go shopping. I was quite keen to visit Donna Hay's new General Store in Woollahra, Sydney. I have very fond memories of the little village, having spent 8 of my early  design years in the suburb. The shop is just gorgeous, as you would expect from the style maven. I nearly bumped into her in the doorway as she busily set labels straight and making sure all was in order. Luckily, she granted me permission to take some photos before she left

Featured in the front window was a burst of colourful paper flowers and carefully placed goodies tempting passers-by to enter. Absolutely bathed in sunlight on a brilliant winter's day, The General Store reflected the Donna Hay brand with it's simplicity and style. The store stocks special gifts and indulgent treats including ceramics, glassware, stationery, hand-knitted baby gifts, household cleaners and scents, and hand-poured candles. There's a daily spread of macarons, chocolate truffles, meringues and caramels. Well worth a look

The Donna Hay General Store is located at 40 Holdsworth St, Woolhara, NSW and is open from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday