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make me: halloween invitations


Double-up In preparation for Halloween, I've been surrounded by ghastly cockroaches, centipedes and black spiders that are so eerily life-like that it makes my skin crawl. Then I realised that my daughter has been into the plastic bugs. I find them carefully placed (namely my wallet), ready to leap out to attack my jugular

Welcome Halloween! I have to say that it's not really a big thing here in Australia, but it is gaining momentum. My daughter's school has a high proportion of Americans so it's a good excuse for her Year to get together for a party. I volunteered to design the invitations and signs for the classroom display boards. The top pic is of the invitation that you can download Halloween_invite.pdf and adhere those icky arthropods. The cute skeleton illustration is from Skiptomylou blog and I've added the speech bubble showing party details. Please bear in mind that these designs are for personal use only