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How can you resist these wee 'Jacabob's'. From creator Kit Lane, these hand-felted critters will warm any heart. I'm informed that they love sunny afternoons, the warm glow of a computer monitor, a nice cup of hot chocolate accompanied by toast and marmite (Kit mistakingly thinks is much better than vegemite), and squidgee squeezles.

Each Jacabob, Jacabunny, Plantoid and many other 'oddjects' are made from a lovely sheep down the road named Bernice who donates her wool for their bodies. Other body parts are made from Clara the sheep who bunks with Bernice. They're made by the needle felting method which means poking and poking a lump of wool with a very sharp barbed needle until their form appears. This makes them understandaby squeemish.

Visit Kit's Etsy shop for a laugh and a giggle or just to admire her talent (her profile is a must-read). Maybe you might end up adopting a Jacobunny family of your very own.