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August 2008

spring in full bloom

French-lavender-fields Lavender-x-2-pics

Spring has finally sprung here in Australia and I can't stop sniffing the air. So heady are the scents that you can almost cut the fragrance and eat it with afternoon tea. I just love lavender, visiting the farms and feeling overwhelmed by its colour, beauty and fragrance. As well as Lavender's inherent herbal and fragrant benefits, it is also great to ward off moths. Let's face it, anything smells better than those moth balls and it's nearly time to put away those winter woollies

As an oil when storing clothes, add a few drops on a cotton ball and place in the storage bag with your cherished woollens, linens or cottons. Other good choices are cedarwood, clove, rosemary and sage

As a flower grab a bunch, add some bay leaves or sage if desired, and hang upside down on your clothes hanger

As a plant We've planted a row of Lavender bushes along our house as a mosquito repellent. A major requirement for outdoor BBQ's on our deck in summer. Oh summer, bring it fake tan bottle is getting too much use!

i'm still in love...

Snowdrop ALL DARK....with these cute leaves from Thai artisans. Made from 99% pure silver, they perfectly top off the South Ocean Shell (mother of pearl) teardrop bead. The bead is made from ground clam shell and formed into shape which is an exacting and expensive process. The end result is the luster of a quality grade pearl, if not better!

Then elegantly attached to the long and sleek ear wire. Great addition to have in any jewelry box. Earrings now available in icey white, blush pink and peacock black

show some love


I'm privileged to be exhibiting a small collection of my illustrations and jewellery with other Sydney-based artists to help raise money for the Msafiri Pre & Primary School in Mwanga, Tanzania (near Mt Kilimanjaro). Learning English is an essential skill if Tanzanian children are to build a reliable long term career and lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

The major exhibitors include Joan Hartmann, Monika Zigmann, Graeme Endean and Flore Guanipa. If you live in Sydney, we'd love to see you there for your support

Date and venue:
Friday 22 August 7pm-9pm (opening night) & Saturday 23 August 10am-4pm
1393a Pittwater Road, Narrabeen, Australia

go make me: pillow box template

UPDATE:  Do you want more templates? Visit my new on-line shop Go Make Me for ideas and inspirations


When you've made or even purchased a special gift, why not make the packaging as equally exquisite. This attractive and easy-to-make pillow box will add the bling to your present!

Tools and materials Instructions-animation

> Pillow box template

> Heavy decorative paper or decorative light card

> Strong craft glue or double sided tape

> Scissors or utility knife and metal ruler

> Bone folder

> Large protractor

How to make me

1. Download and print the template. Place print-out over decorative card and cut-out outline with scissors or knife

2. Sore on dotted lines with bone folder and ruler. Use protractor or a small bowl for the curves on the template. Fold all scores

3. Use double-sided tape or glue on tab. Leave to dry and ahere

4. Tuck in ends. Add complimentary ribbon if desired

© Copyright Cate Holst 2008. This template is for personal use and may not be reproduced commercially without written permission